Security Assessment

Security solutions whether for large enterprise systems or small office or IT security.

• Security Audit – Providing comprehensive physical facility security audit and assessment services conducted by internationally licensed security consultants. Our experts will utilize proven facility audit tools in reviewing your company’s ability to react and respond to site based emergencies.

These audits and assessments will result in identification of recommendations to address physical security and safety issues as well as recommended priorities so that a systematic approach to resolving the deficiencies can be undertaken.

• Financial and Operational Control Audits

Provide an objective and professional evaluation of an area, department or functional operation, systems of internal controls. Advise on control weaknesses and opportunities for improvement to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

• Business Process Reviews

Review and evaluate business processes and conduct assessments for the development of new business processes. Advise on aspects of policies, process enhancements and procedures.

• Management Reviews

A limited review of an area performed at the request of a department head or senior management. It is usually short term in nature and is intended to provide insight into the operations from a controls and/or efficiency perspective. The findings are communicated to the persons or person requesting and distribution of the report is also limited to a need to know as determined by the person/s requesting the review.

• Information Systems Controls

Perform audits of computer applications and of information technology infrastructure. We will test and evaluate the adequacy of application and information systems controls. Review and make recommendations to facilitate effective and efficient processing procedures. Help develop systems controls, standards, policies and procedures.

• Information Systems Security Standards

Facilitate and support systems security standards. Assess the system security standards being employed in your area. Provide information on current industry standards being employed around system security. Advise on methods to prevent proprietary information from being accessed and whether your system controls could withstand a hacker.