Risk Management

Our specialists will assist you identifying and managing risks which could potentially pose a serious threat to your organization, by using proven audit and assessment tools to conduct security and vulnerability studies; promulgation and implementation of site specific procedures and protocols, and recommending technologies that support a holistic crisis management program.

Our objective is to establish a risk management alliance, driven by your needs, which draws upon the competencies of AL ASILA to help you reduce loss and improve your risk. Our approach is based on a collaborative partnership and objective analysis. There are a wide variety of ways we can work together; the following are just a few examples.

Lower loss costs — in problem areas we can combine our loss control resources and experience in a collaborative effort with your own. We can integrate our risk modeling methods and inspection resources into your own process. This can give you additional on-site risk intelligence and a means to concentrate your finite loss control resources where they are needed most.

Improve underwriting results or risk profile — in target problem segments you identify, we can assist you in collecting data, synthesizing information, and developing risk information that enhances your risk selection or underwriting.

Risk analysis / risk intelligence — AL ASILA can provide risk management analysis and service to enhance understanding and decision making. Benefits include:

  • * Clearer understanding of risk
  • * More informed underwriting / better risk selection
  • * More efficient allocation of your loss control resources based on cost benefit analysis
  • * Developing a means to measure and correlate loss control activities with loss ratios
  • * Developing a risk evaluation model that better integrates your data and activities

Key to the success of any of these and other strategies is to devise a process to integrate our findings into the day-to-day decision processes in your organization and ensure that together we get positive results