Security & Military Support Services

AL ASILA’s goal is to provide effective tools and processes for clients to proactively mitigate threat and reduce the potential for a hostile and destructive act against the customer’s organization, its assets and the public it serves.

As law enforcement work becomes more dangerous, proper firearms training becomes more critical to the safety of officers. To keep up with the forces plotting against them, officers must be skilled with many weapons under a wide variety of scenarios.

To meet the ever changing requirements for security and military support, AL ASILA specializes in the following areas:

  •  Police and emergency service command and control systems
  •  Prison locking systems, prison planning, construction and security
  •  Firing ranges for government organizations
  •  Port and marine security
  •  Airport Security
  •  Military Communications
  •  Military Support
  •  Forensic Technology
    •  Crime Scene Documentation
    •  Evidence Tools
    •  Crime Scene Imaging